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Keto//OS - 5 Day Experience Pack

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING- Experience the effects of being in ketosis in less then 60 min.  Those taking pure therapeutic ketones report experiencing better focus, energy, decreased appetite and increased fat loss. You will receive 5 packets of the Maui Punch- please specify in comments if you want caffeine or caffeine free. The amount of caffeine is approx. 20g. 

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Coaching Sessions



I'm now offering one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype. 

Do you struggle with fatigue, anxiety, or insomnia?  Have you changed your diet, started exercising and are still gaining weight? 

I think we have all been there at some point; tired, bloated and feel like giving up because whatever we try doesn’t work!!

If this is you, I can help connect the dots!!


I work with my clients to help them better understand what is physiologically going on in their bodies and what we can do together to fix it.

Currently I am offering three different types of coaching sessions to fit all your needs. 



Have you had labs done, but do not fully understand your results?  I can help.  Labs can reveal a lot and it is so important that you comprehend their meaning. Often times labs may be in "normal ranges' but still be abnormal for some individuals. I can dissect your lab results with you and recommend what labs you can ask for at your next visit with your primary care provider. *THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY* JACLYN DOES NOT ORDER LAB TESTS FOR HER COACHING CLIENTS.  



Supplements are an important part of my every day life and it is my mission to educate and empower patients on proper supplement practices. Many people go to big box stores for their supplements and the quality of these products is very poor. Many have GMO corn, chemical food dyes and sugar. Supplements should be pure, free of toxins and support your health.  Many do not know what supplements to buy and purchase the ones they see on commercials which are usually the worst quality.  I will educate you on what brands I trust and take myself and can customize a supplement regimen for you.  *THIS DOES NOT REPLACE MEDICAL CARE BY YOUR PERSONAL PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER*



I have a firm belief that prevention and education are the best forms of medicine.  I thrive on offering simple, yet in-depth health solutions to enhance your quality of life. If you are feeling like you are in need of some one-on-one coaching from a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner to get you back on track you can trust that my 14 year plus experience is a great place to start. 

My main focus when doing one-on-one sessions is to uncover what your main concerns are and give you actions items you can start implementing today. I will go over your history and pinpoint the blocks that are preventing you from living the life you want.  

Most importantly, I will educate you on what your symptoms are trying to tell you about your body, how to fix them and how to prevent them from happening or how to deal with them if they occur again.

I use a functional medicine approach and my clinical expertise to assist you in your path back to wellness.  Depending on your own personal goals and health sessions most clients need 1-5 sessions. Sessions can be bought in bundles or one at a time. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes and cost $87.



Personal Lab Review

30-min Session

How often have you heard the phrase "All your labs are normal, we will see you at your next visit".  I hear this all the time from my clients.  They know something is wrong, but are told over and over that everything looks normal. What if you understood your labs better and could then ask your doctor what other labs you want tested?  Most people have never had a full lab work-up to assess their complete health.  I have extensive knowledge and have worked with thousands of patients to help them gain the understanding they need to take back control of their health.  The most common thing to check when assessing thyroid is a TSH level, but that never gives you the full picture. You need a full thyroid assessment to really know what's going on.  I can review your labs, give my interpretation and suggest other labs that would be beneficial to have.  Discover what your labs are actually saying!!  If you don't want to ask your doctor for lab work, take matters into your own hands.  Order your own labs at and I can review them with you.  It's amazing how one lab test can change your life forever!


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Personalized Supplement Consultation

30-min Session

Buying supplements can be extremely confusing. What brands can you trust, where should I buy them, is buying supplements online ok?  The truth is that most supplements bought at supermarkets and pharmacies are very poor in quality.  They often have sugar as one of their first ingredients and use corn or soy that is genetically modified and will cause your body to become inflamed.  But there are many supplement brands that give your body exactly what it needs without all the chemicals, additives and dyes found in commercially available brands.  I can help guide you to the best brands available that will help you achieve the results you are looking for. 

Do you want to know:

-What is the best probiotic

-What supplements should everyone in my family take

-Have a specific symptom like fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, bloating, sugar cravings or constipation and want to know what supplement can help.

I can help connect the dots!  Not all supplements are created equal and its important you understand what to look for when buying a supplement from a health food store, your doctors office or online.

I will tailor a custom supplement regimen to your specific goals and problems based on your top three concerns. I recommend only the best quality, professional grade nutraceutical supplements on the market and take many of them myself and have personal knowledge of how they work. 

Start your path to creating wellness from within today!

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Keto Consult Package

Have you been wanting to try a ketogenic life but are not sure how to get started?  Have you done a low carb or ketogenic diet in the past but did not have success?  During our time together I will provide you with your individual macronutrient ratios, what supplements you can use to prevent the keto-flu, how to check your ketones, online resources and other hacks to make your journey successful! 


What is included:

1-  60 Minute Session: 

First Week: Full health history and overview of your goals.  Start decreasing carb content and eliminate any inflammatory foods from diet. Discuss Hierarchy of Health and determine what level you are at and what level you would like to be.

2-  30 Minute Sessions:

Week 2: Lower carbs more and start to count fats.  Review mind/body techniques to help lower cortisol and handle stress better. Review options to test ketone levels if desired.

Weeks 3: Start individualized macronutrient ratios and add back in some eliminated foods to see how you tolerate them.

2-  15 Minute Sessions:

Week 4: Targeting any problems and go over maintenance plan.  

Follow up session: Update maintenece plan, provide proven longterm success principles.  When suitable for you (most do 2-4 week follow up).  


Have questions about any of my services- email me!

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Speaking Engagements

Looking for someone to speak at your next event? Jaclyn's passion is educating! Jaclyn is a graduate of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop which has taught some of the most successful speakers in the business. 

She keeps it fun, but informative! Contact Jaclyn for a list of topics she can speak on at your next event. 



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