Keto Consult Package

Keto Consult Package


Have you been wanting to try a ketogenic life but are not sure how to get started?  Have you done a low carb or ketogenic diet in the past but did not have success?  During our time together I will provide you with your individual macronutrient ratios, what supplements you can use to prevent the keto-flu, how to check your ketones, online resources and other hacks to make your journey successful! 


What is included:

1-  60 Minute Session: 

First Week: Full health history and overview of your goals.  Start decreasing carb content and eliminate any inflammatory foods from diet. Discuss Hierarchy of Health and determine what level you are at and what level you would like to be.

2-  30 Minute Sessions:

Week 2: Lower carbs more and start to count fats.  Review mind/body techniques to help lower cortisol and handle stress better. Review options to test ketone levels if desired.

Weeks 3: Start individualized macronutrient ratios and add back in some eliminated foods to see how you tolerate them.

2-  15 Minute Sessions:

Week 4: Targeting any problems and go over maintenance plan.  

Follow up session: Update maintenece plan, provide proven longterm success principles.  When suitable for you (most do 2-4 week follow up).  


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