What??? Paid for pumping iron and snoozing???

Your alarm goes off at 6am and you immediately hit snooze for that precious 10 more minutes of rest.  It ends up only feeling like 30 seconds, but you now have to start your day.

You grab a protein bar or skip breakfast and maybe do a drive through on your way to your first meeting. Your entire day is filled up with emails, appointments and phone calls before its time to go home.  Sound familiar?  Although we have access to so many “made easy” ways to communicate and work more efficiently, it seems like we are busier then ever. This results in less time to take care of you. What if your employer paid you to take care of yourself and engage in exercise and better sleep habits on a regular basis?

An online mattress maker, Casper, started a new trend that promotes exercise and better sleep habits and pays you for your efforts.  Using the app IncentFit, employees check-in at gyms or fitness centers, track their walking, running or biking mileage and the results are recorded and sent to their employer. They are then paid monthly for each class, mile or race they complete. Employee’s sleep is also tracked and everyone is rewarded in cash when they have improved sleep habits. There is a monthly maximum each employee can earn, which can then pay for his or her gym membership. How cool, right!!

Insurance rates have increased remarkably over the last few years, but offering different ways that people can improve their health and over all well-being can drastically cut employers and employee health insurance costs.  Not to mention that having employees that exercise and get better rest will encourage them to make healthier dietary choices, look better naked and perform better at their job because they just feel better!!

We cannot expect anything to change if nothing changes!   Casper is a great example of a thought leader in employee health.  When we live healthier, everyone benefits!

Some other local thought leaders in the Tampa Bay area are Power Design and Florida Medical Centers.  They promote health and wellness to their employees and make it a priority. Do you work for a company or own a company that shares the same values?  Can you propose something similar to your boss or start implementing this at your business. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!! Please share in the comments!!

With Gratitude, Trust, Love & Abundance always!!


Natural Nurse Practitioner

Jaclyn Shedden