Sorry Fabio You Were Wrong!!! 4 Reasons Why Cholesterol Will Not Kill You!!


Do you remember that commercial with Fabio and his long lost lover?  They blamed cholesterol for killing the passion between them, until they found “I can’t believe its not butter!!”  Their romance was rekindled without the cholesterol!! This commercial seems a bit ridiculous in 2017, but many people and medical providers still think cholesterol kills!!

Well I have some great news for you: cholesterol DOES NOT KILL!

I know this seems like complete opposite advice of what you have been told for the past 40+ years, but the verdict is in -- Fabio had it all wrong!

This is why cholesterol is your friend:

1.     Cholesterol makes your hormones. Yes, all your hormones.  Sex hormones, cortisol, aldosterone and many more. When we suppress our own natural cholesterol levels in our bodies we suppress the production of our hormones.

2.     Cholesterol is needed for Vitamin D production!  Vitamin D has become somewhat of a hot topic lately and for good reason.  It plays a role in virtually all of your metabolic pathways and we don’t have enough of it in our bodies unless we take a supplement (and a good quality one from the health food store, not big box stores).  Cholesterol is the basic raw material that is used to make Vitamin D in your amazing body.

3.     Size matters!!! Cholesterol size that is!  When you get a regular lipid (cholesterol panel) it basically doesn’t give you much information unfortunately.  What is really important is what size your cholesterol particles are.  Like in life the bigger the better. When cholesterol particles like LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and HDL (high-density lipoproteins) are measured the most important thing to know is how big they are. When they are small they can stick to your vessel walls more easily causing damage.  When they are big they float through your blood stream like a light fluffy cloud.  To find out how big your cholesterol particles are you can go to most any lab and get the NMR test or Cardio IQ test.  So easy!!!

4.    Brain Power! Your brain is full of cholesterol!! About a quarter of all the cholesterol in our bodies is in our brain! Neuronal communication is dependent on cholesterol and every myelin sheath and nerve fiber is about one-fifth cholesterol!  No wonder people on cholesterol lowering medications like statins start to develop memory loss and dementia.

So now that you know more about cholesterol then many medical providers, go discover what size your cholesterol particles are.  If you have the more dangerous and inflammatory kind (small or B), decrease your carbs, sugar and alcohol intake and you can convert them to the larger, cloud like kind (A type).  Want to learn even more about how cholesterol doesn’t kill?  Check out a fantastic book by a Cardiologist: The Great Cholesterol Myth by Dr. Sinatra!!!  Cheers to eating real butter!!!

When it comes to the System’s knowledge about cholesterol, I think: “I can’t believe it’s not Better!”

With Gratitude, Trust, Love & Abundance always,

Jaclyn Shedden, ARNP

Natural Nurse Practitioner