Why I stopped watching so much DAMN TV!!

Why I stopped watching so much TV.

A few months ago I couldn’t wait until I got home, could plop on the couch and look through my DVR to see what shows I needed to catch up on.  That was my stress relief. When I am at work I am talking the entire time and I felt like it was my right to come home and completely check out for an hour of TV or may three hours... 

Then something changed one week.  I was busy after work every night and I was not able to do my regular routine. The shows were piling up just waiting for me to view them. When I finally had a minute to sit down I put on the DVR and gave a little smile about all the shows I had to watch.  I put on my dear favorite Grey’s Anatomy, which I have watched since the beginning. It was about a custody battle and a lot of drama, which most shows are.  Obviously the drama is what is supposed to make it interesting, but after about 3 minutes of the show I turned it off.  It was not giving me the same satisfaction it had before. Why?

There were a few reasons.  A few weeks before this happened I was watching a similar show with all the drama, cheating, backstabbing and craziness and my fiance said to me:  “I don’t understand how you like watching that stuff?  You are so spiritual and that just seems all negative.”  I brushed it off and continued with my show that was close to the end and I had to find out what happened. But that question stayed in my head.  Why do I spend hours a week watching this? 

I have big aspirations to help change medicine into a healing focus rather than its current model of prescriptions drugs.  So I asked myself this question. Was spending my time watching drama TV helping me fulfill my dreams?  I used to think watching TV was relaxing, but it got to the point where it was just dulling and numbing my mind instead. 

So after that 3-minute episode of Grey’s Anatomy I decided to do things differently. I wanted to learn, I wanted to read more and contemplate life more.  

Instead of watching TV right now I decided to write this blog, my first official one.  Is there something that you are not doing because you are watching TV?  Another thing I did this week was start working out again.  I have been eating well for a while but couldn’t find the time to get that work out in.  When you cut out most of your television watching you have plenty of time to workout, write blogs, read and think about your next steps.  So from a recovering binge watcher I urge you to put down the remote today and pick up something else!  A new book, your gyms shoes, or just sit and meditate and see what comes. The possibilities are infinite when you give yourself the time to explore beyond that HD screen!