Relax and breathe.



How does a Canadian girl end up in Florida healing one heart at a time?  It all started on the top bunk in my bedroom in Calgary...

  • My first patient was a small stuffed animal raccoon that I  cared for every night.
  • It wasn’t until I was 20 years old that I took care of my first human patient.
  • I was hooked!  Being able to connect with people at their time of need was exactly what I loved to do.
  • After graduating nurse practitioner school my path lead me to functional medicine and the healing arts.
  • I discovered that our physical bodies are very similar, but our energetic bodies are very unique and need to be treated accordingly.
  • With knowledge comes understanding, but with dedicated action and intent comes healing. 
  • Staying healthy, being healthy and living healthy is fun!

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Jaclyn lives in Tampa, Florida and loves the Florida sunshine despite her pale, freckled skin! She grew up in the Canadian Rockies before immigrating to the United States of America with her family in 1992. She spent 12 years in NJ before she decided to go even further south to Tampa Bay. Jaclyn's main focus when she is not helping her clients is spending time with her family and traveling. She is a huge Tom Petty fan and is currently learning to play the drums. She recently married the love of her life and they are now embarking on a beautiful life together with their three dogs Willow, Bauer & Bride!! 



Professional Bio

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jaclyn graduated with honors from South University with a master’s degree in nursing.  Jaclyn is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and thrives on educating and empowering her patients. When she first started college after graduating high school in New Jersey she knew she wanted to be a nurse practitioner. There were several steps and years before that dream became her reality, but she knew in her heart that becoming a nurse practitioner would allow her to help her patients live a life filled with gratitude, trust, love and abundance. She has been in the nursing profession for over 14 years and has studied under the best functional medicine doctors in the country.   Her integrative approach focuses on nutrition, optimizing immune system function, hormone stabilization, and vitamin and mineral supplementation.  

Most importantly she has a desire to teach her patients to think differently about their health and wellbeing. 

                                                                                                HOW WE THINK = HOW WE FEEL!! 


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